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The game was made for plain fun and pleasure: the software, web page and the puzzles were created by my girlfriend (sdd) and me (Matyi). My girlfriend liked the Hanji puzzles and played them on paper, which was hard to correct, problematic to carry around with you, and almost impossible to handle the color ones (you just can't get the pencils with the right color at the right place and time :) ).
We've checked Android Market (it weren't Google Play at that time), but didn't find anything that supports color puzzles and medium/large puzzles. Being a software developer, what could I do?
So the first version of GraphiLogic was born (well, after a few months of work... :) ).

As time passed, life desired new and new features. The ability of drawing (creating new puzzles) was mandatory from the beginning, but sharing options were improved a lot. Got stuck with solving? You got to send the half-solved table for help. Draw a really funny piece? Urges for immediate delivery: SMS sending. Want to spread the funniest ones around? Screams for Google+ and Facebook sharing, and requires a web page (well, at that time there were people without a single android phone :) ). Preparing for a trans-Atlantic flight? 10 hours of sitting in place, with communication cut off? That's just the perfect place for exchanging puzzles with QR codes (just for the record: the first time mankind used this feature was an Amsterdam-Toronto flight. Guess whom? sdd and Matyi :) ).

As it turned out, drawing the puzzles could be even more fun than solving them. Neither of us had really more artistic experience than coloring books, but after a few weeks, better and better drawings started to born. (Well, at least we thought that way, but you decide: I'm speaking of the puzzles included in the app, the puzzle packs and shared on Google+ / Facebook).

There are many extra features built into GraphiLogic to support drawing of puzzles: you can increase/decrease the size of the table from 5x5 up to 40x40; colors can be mixed to your liking on a palette; and there is also an option to overlay a photo which helps to draw the outline of the form you want.

If you haven't tried puzzle creating yet, give it a shot (Well, maybe a few shots, the first ones are not always perfect... :) ). And don't afraid of the small table sizes. Most of the things can be fit in 15x10, which is a really convenient size for playing on phones.

And let me draw your attention to another funny feature we've recently added: GraphiLogic allows you to attach a secret message to your puzzle before sending it to your friend or to your loved one, so you can add words to your drawing in order to enhance the impression you make.


The puzzles are created using the GraphiLogic app. For a better playing experience, puzzle storage, offline play, creating and sharing puzzles and a bunch of puzzles, download the free app from Google Play or Amazon AppStore.
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