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Create your own puzzles, make sure that the puzzle can be solved and share it with others.
The application continuously evaluates your drawing. A cell marked with "H" represents a "VERY HARD TO SOLVE" cell, which requires multiple trial-and-error attempts to solve. Most users will give up before ever solving such a puzzle, so you might want to avoid these.
A cell marked with "?" is not solvable. Such puzzles have multiple solutions, or unsolvable (at least from human perspective).
Try modifying your drawing until all the red "?" and "H" marks disappear. Filling a cell, or erasing another will often resolve multiple solve problems, even for distant cells.
GraphiLogic puzzles are re-calculated automatically and solve problems are marked on every change.
For Mosaic puzzles you have to regenerate the cell numbers to check if it is solvable (use "Generate rules" from the menu).
If you got stuck and cannot make a puzzle solvable, try to copy it to another type (GraphiLogic <-> Mosaic), or try inverting it. To copy a puzzle, go to the puzzle list screen, touch and hold the puzzle to bring up the context menu and select "Copy puzzle...".

Menu options:

- Save/reload table - Compare the current drawing with the last saved version. You can overwrite it, save as new puzzle, or revert the drawing to the saved version.

- Width/Height +5/-5 - Increase/decrease table size. An increment of 5 is used to improve table overview while solving.

- Generate rules (Mosaic puzzle type only) - Re-generates rule numbers in the cells to make the drawing solvable.

- Overlay image - Open an image file and overlay it on the table as a model.

- Invert table - Swaps filled and empty cells.

- Clear table - Clears all the cells.

- Set my name - Set your name. This name will be stored with the puzzle you edit, and will be visible to others when you share the puzzle.


The puzzles are created using the GraphiLogic app. For a better playing experience, puzzle storage, offline play, creating and sharing puzzles and a bunch of puzzles, download the free app from Google Play or Amazon AppStore.
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