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Android user guide: Free Play (puzzle browser)

Once you've completed "Training", you can switch to "Free play" mode.
Open a category and click on a puzzle to play.
Select "Create new..." from the menu and draw your own puzzles.
Touch and hold a puzzle to bring up the Context menu and copy, edit, or share it with your friends.
Note: There is a limitation on paid Puzzle Packs: you cannot edit, copy or share their contents.


Puzzles are organized in categories. You are free to re-organize them, but a few categories are fixed:
- Inbox - any imported puzzles (received in e-mail/SMS/etc. or scanned from QR code) will land here.
- Workshop - a great place for puzzles waiting for the finishing touches before sharing.
- Attic - a resting place for the not-so-favorite puzzles waiting for a second chance :)
- Trash - halfway between existence and nothingness.
Puzzles in the "Workshop", "Attic" and "Trash" categories are hidden: not shown in the "All" category and not used for random play.

Context menu options:

- Play - play (solve) puzzle.

- Edit - edit puzzle (modify, or create a new one based on the current)

- Multiselect - Activates multiselect mode: select multiple puzzles to change their category, share them in e-mail, or move to trash at once.

- Share... - Share a single puzzle using SMS, Facebook or Twitter, generate QR code, or send multiple puzzles in e-mail.

    - E-mail... - send the selected puzzle(s) in e-mail, as a challenge (without the solution).

- SMS/Twitter/Facebook/etc... - share the puzzle as a link. (can be opened with GraphiLogic on Android devices, or using a web browser on most platforms)

- QR code... - generate an on-screen QR code (scan with another device using "Scan QR..." menu option of GraphiLogic)

- E-mail puzzle(s) with state... - send the selected puzzle(s) in e-mail, including the current table state (partial or full solution). Sending to yourself is a great way to backup your creations.

- Change category... - Moves puzzle(s) to a different folder.

- Swap with previous - Change the order of puzzles: swaps the selected puzzle with the preceding one. (Handy for sharing multiple puzzles in a specific order to tell a story)

- Copy puzzle... - Duplicates a puzzle to create a new version, or to convert it to a different puzzle type.

- Move puzzle(s) to trash... - Move the puzzle(s) to the Trash category (go to the Trash folder to permanently delete them).

Menu options:

- Help - Guess :)

- Create puzzle... - Creates a new puzzle of the selected type.

- Scan QR... - Scans a puzzle from a QR image (eg one generated using "Generate QR Code..."). Scanning requires additional application installed, like Google Goggles, QR Droid, or ZXing Barcode Scanner.


The puzzles are created using the GraphiLogic app. For a better playing experience, puzzle storage, offline play, creating and sharing puzzles and a bunch of puzzles, download the free app from Google Play or Amazon AppStore.
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