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GraphiLogic Puzzle

The goal of the game is to solve the graphics. The numbers in each row/column represents the number, size, and order of blocks (continuous filled blue cells). Thus "1;3;2" in a row (or column) means there are three blue blocks, with the first one consisting 1 cell, the second one with 3 cells and the last one with 2 cells.


Each block is separated with at least one empty cell from the adjacent block(s). Initially all the cells are unknown, marked with '?'. During game play, evaluate which cells must belong to a block and mark those with blue, and which one must be empty and clear their cells. The puzzle is complete when all the cells are marked as either filled or empty. A blue icon of the puzzle is displayed in the upper left corner for a completed puzzle, a red icon is displayed when the solution is wrong.

Color GraphiLogic Puzzle

This is the color version of GraphiLogic, with the same rules. The color of the numbers represents the color of the given block. Blocks of the same colors are separated with at least one empty cell, but blocks of different colors may touch.

   1 ;3 ;2

Mosaic Puzzle

Mosaic puzzles are defined by numbers in the cells. A number in a given cell represents the number of filled cells around the given cell (including itself): 9 means all the cells are filled, 0 means all of them are empty.

4     2    
  9 6 3 0  


The puzzles are created using the GraphiLogic app. For a better playing experience, puzzle storage, offline play, creating and sharing puzzles and a bunch of puzzles, download the free app from Google Play or Amazon AppStore.
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