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GraphiLogic (the Android app) comes with pre-installed puzzles, a puzzle editor/creator and the ability to share and receive puzzles, thus building a puzzle collection.
But for the long winter nights (or sunny summer afternoons :), there are Puzzle Packs on Google Play. Puzzle Packs are (mostly) paid application extensions, if you download one, its contents will be imported into the free application.

Puzzle packs are put together by various aspects: the "10x10" and "15x10" packs are made of simple, uniform sized GraphiLogic puzzles.
The other packs are built thematically, containing:
- Nature images,
- Famous items (people, buildings, characters),
- Dogs,
- and last, but not least, Pandas! :) (Our favorite pack).

Once you install any of the paid puzzle packs, it will unlock all the features of the free GraphiLogic application (e.g. up to 40x40 color puzzle editing), and eliminates ads forever.

Please note that the free GraphiLogic application must be installed, and a few training puzzles (5x5, 10x10 sized) must be solved to play with puzzle packs. Puzzles from paid Puzzle Packs can not be edited, copied or shared.


The puzzles are created using the GraphiLogic app. For a better playing experience, puzzle storage, offline play, creating and sharing puzzles and a bunch of puzzles, download the free app from Google Play or Amazon AppStore.
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