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Solving Puzzles

Solving puzzles is fun. But figuring out the ways to solve challenging puzzles are fun too. So I'd recommend that you try solving them, starting with the easy ones, and learn the art of solving on your own.
Anyway, if you got really stuck, here are a few hints you might try:

First of all: use the question marks

One important thing is the proper distinction of known empty cells versus the yet undefined ones (marked with question mark). A cell, whose color can not be determined, should be kept undefined. The cells, which are known to be empty, should be set to clear. Using the question marks and empty cells correctly dramatically improves puzzle solving performance.


Find the obvious

Usually you may to start solving a puzzle by a few full sweeps (or scans) of all the rules, identifying the obvious: finding the all-empty and all-set regions
empty and full rows/columns for GraphiLogic:



0-s and 9-er areas for Mosaic (and of course 6-es at the sides, and 4-s in the corners):

    9   5   0  
    9   5   0  

Check the neighbors

Once these initial sweeps are done, finding additional cells to set or clear are getting harder. After a few more sweeps it's usually a better practice to remember where the last few changes were made and check the rules involved with that change. In GraphiLogic, after you set or clear a cell of a row, your first thing to do would be to check it against the corresponding column. For a Mosaic, you will check all the numbers around the modified cell(s).

Puzzle specific strategies

Select a puzzle type for the specific solve strategies:

GraphiLogic Color GraphiLogic Mosaic


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